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Sunday, January 22, 2012
Recapping the past 22 days of my life...

It's been a real long time! Did you wonder what happened to me? Frankly, after a rocky end to 2011, I was almost afraid I won't make it through to 2012 sane. Perhaps what I thought is right. Life's a bitch and all you need to do is endure the next second and before you know it, days would have flown pass. I hope someone had told the same thing to those who had decided to end their lives in Bedok Reservoir last year. I am living each day a day at a time. Though people say there's nothing too tough to overcome and someone somewhere in this universe must be having a more shitty time than I am, I am still not convinced that my life has to be this living hell. My RO once told me, that life is what we make it. We should not let others take away our happiness. It's not fair to ourselves. I guess this is what kept me going. Thank you Mdm Haslindah!


Like what I've predicted, weeks went by I have not done much craft work. The patchwork books I ordered online before Xmas finally came sometime last week, but ... I don't know if I will ever get to do anything from there at all... I ended 2011 by making these ribbon ties for my niece Charlene. How does my improved version look?




I tried to make pins for Caylene but I do not have the right glue to stick the ribbon onto the metal pin.


So I guess Project Recycle is on hold until... My school holidays?!?    


I only managed to squeeze in time for this bean sprout cover bolster for Baby Ayden.



I was pleasantly surprised to find this blue fabric in my stash. Why on earth did I buy it? Call it a foresight! My first time making, and I feel like I am on project runway or something as I only allocated one night to work on it. It joins in my range on the imperfection line, but hey... The sincerity is PRICELESS ok? Though Serene tried very hard to talk me into making an extra cover for Baby Ayden.... I am sorry, my friend. It is not happening. Babies get attached to eye smell on the bolster. It's not the same to them if you change to a different cover. Trust me. THEY KNOW.


Anyway, the past 3 weeks was like a roller coaster ride. I had spent my week 1 busy at work. There was lots of getting used to now that I am back being a form teacher. Lots of admin work which I had been spared from for the past 4 years. And yes, I had to bring work home to do. There were nights I had to stay up past 12 preparing stuff for school. Very thankful I can now get to school in 30 mins. So far the timing for the buses are quite fixed, so I always get to school in good time.


New school itself is a lot of getting used to, but so far, I must say I am happy here. I hope this feeling will continue to stay.cand I would stay here for good. Transferring school is quite tiring... All the packing, moving and unpacking ...zzzz


I spent most of my week 2 coping with my Masters Class. I had 3 nights of classes and it was totally exhausting. I am however very thankful to meet very nice people, who offered to pick me up from Serangoon MRT on class days and would drop me off there after classes. It saved me at least half an hour of traveling. I am quite surprised that most of the people in my class are not my age group, and there are no primary school teachers like me. I feel quite out of place and it gives me jitters to think about it. I am really crossing my fingers that I will make it through safely.


During these 3 days, I am burdened with guilt that I couldn't spend time with JTs. Once I arrived from home, all I wanted to do was to give them a good hug. As JTs birthday fell on my course night, we celebrated in advance for them the weekend before. Here's the 4 golden flowers having the birthday cake at the table.



Photo was quite poorly taken, but I was trying to capture THE moment ;p


Finally one piece of furniture that didn't end up as a mistake. JTs enjoy having snacks at the table.


Here's JTs. Did you miss them?



Here's Jovelle, who is more sensitive to the camera...



Here's Jolyn. I think they look very chio in this tennis attire look-alike. YES! They shall learn tennis when they grow up!



Here's Joyn and Jovelle posing for the camera....



Here's JTs playing the piano...


Some of my friends SMS me to wish JTs happy birthday. Can you believe that?!? Till today, I have not received any to wish me happy birthday. My friends, you have another 39 hours or so to do it before my birthday is over!!!!


I spent week 3 worrying about the assignment which it's deadline for submission in impending... !!!! I am glad to say that as at 4.30am this morning, I managed to complete 4/5 of my 1st draft. I can spend the remaining nights till Wed to work on improving it. Can at least enjoy my CNY without worrying about not having done anything about it.


Speaking of CNY ... I wonder what happened to the festive spirit. Did I outgrown it? It's been pretty quiet and I don't really have the feeling that today's CNY eve...


Happy CNY to all! Hope I will be able to update more frequently. Thanks for sticking around! 

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Goodbye 2011~

Well... A bit early, but... Just in case I become overly depressed due to the end of holidays and stuff....

Here's some photos of JTs. I havent been taking much photos of them since I see them everyday.

Here's Jovelle letting us on some big secret. It's a big secret indeed. She spoke in a secret code which I cannot decipher. ;XXXX

Here's the same baby, taking a real short nap on bus 800. We were on our way to my mother's place. Even when asleep, she was serious in her mission of ensuring the safety of the Prata Hotdog. See? She hid it in one corner, plastic bag tightly sling around her chubby arms away from my reach. ;X

Here's Jolyn all ready to get married.

Here's JT showing some sibling love by holding hands. Looked really sweet! Its a rather rare sight as they generally spend most of their time fighting and snatching for toys.

Here's Jovelle in front of a train. Wind was very strong and she was trying hard to maintain balance.

Here's Jolyn in the jacket I've made for them. For once, clothes seemed to fit her (as she had layers of clothing underneath, making her look more bulky).

I am pretty sorry to say I wont be sewing much for the time being as I am on Project Recycle!

I am desperately trying to get rid of my scrape cloth. I have one fat bag of it and it'll only grow if nothing is done to it.

So I brainstormed a couple of ideas, and started with my first project.

1) Making Kanzashi Flower rubber tie

It felt simple enough but I actually went through 2-3 tries to get my finished product.

Do you like it?

I'm sorry for the poor photo quality. Its 3.30am now. I know if I procastinate writing this post, it'll end up not happening perhaps.

Scrape cloth and my own home made fabric button on the top.

The bottom was covered with a yo-yo. Initially, I used another fabric button but it made the whole rubber tie look like a big mac, ie, with many layers. It looked much nicer when I replaced it with a yo-yo.

I am still not happy with the end product. The elastic itself was too thick. I meant it make it for my niece.

problem 2 was the way I connected my elastic, the flower may go out of shape when used. I need to test out another method.

The last problem was the unsightly knot on the rubber elastic. Grr... need more thinking.

Let's hope the next will be better.


Posted at 03:15 am by xiaofu
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Monday, December 19, 2011
Long Vacation

I've taken a long vacation off blogging. Year end stuff simply caught up with me.

My application for transfer went through and so I am moving on to a new school in Yr 2012. It's mixed feelings. I love the people I've worked with. The fact that I was the only one to get the transfer also sting me like a thorn. Am I the only one not worth retaining? People tell me I should be happy to get what I wanted, and so I shall refraining from thinking too much.

I've packed and shifted almost everything back home. I hope I can get them out of the house soon.

I've been to Taiwan and back. I last went for my honeymoon. Happy event. Can't say the same for this trip. Rainy weather... kids and inconveniences with young kids in tow in travelling... and other stuff. I am not sure if I ever want to go back there again. A place which should contain lovely memories but now it seems all happy memories are shattered.

My life has become like a drama serial. I am quite surprise I am not as shattered as what we see in the dramas and all. Shit happens, life goes on, especially when I live on Planet Murphy. Simply have to live by Murphy's Laws. However, sometimes I do have the wildest and dangerous thoughts. Will I be eventually pushed into a corner and carry them out? How much stress can my mind take before I crumple? Maybe I've taken a vacation too long, and forgot that no one can be trusted, even myself.

I feel exhausted.

Photos will be upload when I feel better.


Posted at 01:55 am by xiaofu
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Sunday, November 06, 2011
Sewing My Imperfect Ipad Case

How's everyone?


I am feeling quite happy, as I enjoyed a long weekend. I took leave on Fri, not knowing Monday is also a public holiday. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised that I am enjoying a longer weekend than expected.


After completing the red jacket, I started on the blue jacket. The process was much faster, as I already know what to expect. I stayed up on Thursday, and managed to complete the blue jacket.


Even though I reprinted, cut and assembled the pattern pieces again, I still have the same problem with uneven edges. Something must be not right about the pattern. There's no big deal, a bit of snipping here and there… but I still hope that it can be corrected.


The only big event that happened was I sew the button hole in the wrong place. For a while I was wondering if there's a chance buttonhole can be undone. Apparently, it is possible according to one website. It gave me the confidence to do so. I managed to un-do the buttonhole, but because of the nature of the fabric, it looked a bit "botak". Nevertheless, I was happy the jacket wasn't ruined.


Here's Jovelle modelling the jacket.



I tried to get Jolyn to wear it, but she said: "NO"...Sigh.. broke my heart...



I was intending to make a trip down to HonLok, an authorized dealer for Brothers machine to see if I could get any replacement for the toolkit I've lot. At the same time, I wanted to look at Innovis 1250D. This machine has the capability to sew and also do embroidery. Before I bought my current machine, there is actually Innovis 900, which could also do embroidery. Once I heard the retail price of $1800, I thought it's crazy to spend that much on a sewing machine. However, 1 year down the road, I am quite sure I have the interest in this hobby. Therefore I think its ok to invest a bit more into a machine. However, I find it hard to justify upgrading my current machine when I hardly use many of the decorative stitches available. Will I make the money worth?


In the end, I decided to stay and home, to do a prototype of the ipad casing which I've been cracking my head over. I wanted something that functions like my leather case, rather than a sleeve. Therefore I was thinking very hard how to go about making holes at the relevant places nicely. Call me slow… but … Anyway…  The prototype seems quite ok… and so I started work with the fabrics I wanted.



Isn't the lion cute? I knew I had to buy this fabric once I set my eyes on it. Simply too cute! My fabric stashes is growing, and I am thinking I should bring out my luggage to contain them.


I had to take a break on Saturday as it seems the fabric layers are too thick for my current needle. Finally manage to complete it after my mum bought them back for me from Yishun. I don't think there's any shop in sengkang that will sell large size machine needles ;X



Presenting my Imperfect Ipad2 case!~!



I made use of the rose corduroy left over from Jovelle's fair weather jacket to sew this ipad case. The bright flowery fabric were also bought together with the lion fabric. I knew I just have to get them too. ^_^


Workmanship is not perfect… The finishing on the flap is atrocious, but I love this case all the same! I used 2 layers of felt and I also used PUL under the fabric hoping it'll stop water from seeping to the felt.  Its my weeny effort to retain the fabric feel on the outside. It felt nicer to the touch compared to vinyl. I'm sorry vinyl pal... ^_^ 



My lion fabric as lining inside. Look there's a bird on its head!!!



I must confess, I didn't plan when cutting the fabric but by chance, the words ended up nicely in the middle.


I was afraid the frame was too weak to hold the ipad in place. Therefore, I decided to add in elastic bands at the bottom to strap the ipad to the lining. I rather ending up with a case that's not chic and pretty, than having an ipad with cracked screen.


The ipad sleeve would have been perfect, if not for the top flap 1cm too short. My ipad screen is constantly peeking out. I am so determined to make another one with the exact same fabric just to stop the peek-a-boo thingy. However, the thought of cutting the fabric, felt, PUL and all… tells me I should enjoy my current case until it gets too dirty to be surface cleaned. If I go crazy enough to upgrade my machine, maybe we'll see some embroidery on my 2nd ipad case too! Hehe!

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Monday, October 31, 2011
Project Fair Weather Jacket for JTs (4)

Did some wrong clicking in the editing mode in one of my post. I hope nothing disappeared ;X. Sometimes the loading problem at blogdrive drives me mad. Anyone can advise me on how to shift everything to blogspot? ...

Anyway....Finally.... its doneeeeee! Despite the imperfections, I am still very happy with how the jacket turned out.

Day 5: Marrying the lining and outer shell + finishing touches

I started the session by attaching the hood. Both mother and I felt that the hood is too big but I find it hard to explain to her that this pattern originates from a country with cold weather and the big hood is meant for the kid to hide inside for protection from the cold winds... whereas in Singapore hoods are merely decorative. I recently tried putting on the hood of my jacket as I walked in the rain. The koreans seems to do it very naturally in their dramas, but I still feel like a thorn sticking out.

The next step is to close up the hem of the sleeves and bottom hem. The sleeves was not so problematic, but due to the uneven ending edges, I was quite worried my hem may not close up properly. Thankfully, I managed to close up the hem without having to shorten the jacket.

This is how my jacket looks like before the top stitch, buttons and button holes.


At this point, I was wondering if I should have avoided buttons and button holes and opt for using zippers instead. Buttonholes are simply.... SCARYYYYYYY!

By the way can you see that the hood wasn't matched up with the front lining edge on the insides of the jacket? SIGH... Me and my imperfections! Grrrr....

Knowing I cannot avoid the buttonholes, I started with taking out my Brother manual and reading up. At the same time I took out the buttonhole foot and followed the instructions clearly. It took me a while to realise that the machine will slow down when doing the reinforcement stitches. I was suppose to hold the sewing presser down untill the machine finally stops.

So....I did the 6 buttonholes at a go, and I start to learn from the manual again how to use the machine to sew the buttons on. I do not know if I am missing something, but I could only sew 2 holes at a time. I grow up thinking 4 holes buttons should be attached with the X stitching. but I ended up stitching = on the buttons instead.

Lost? ... Hmm.. try to see from the photos... the threads showing on top of the button...

How does the back of my jacket look? The hood does look kind of big doesn't it? ...

Day 6: Last 4 buttons and all done!

Attached the last 4 buttons when JTs were having their nap yesterday afternoon. I was very excited to complete it, and immediately took photos to email to the pattern owner. She had been very helpful, giving me advices at times.


What's left now will be to wait for my little models to wake up.

Grouchy Jolyn didn't want anything to do with this piece of warm clothing, and therefore you'll only see a picture of Jovelle.

Presenting my Little Red Riding Hood!!!

How does she look? The jacket looked really big on her, but I think it could have resulted from the big fold of the sleeves. Perhaps I'll go for double fold. I hope it'll change the impression of the jacket looking too big. However,I think that would not help in Jolyn's case ;X

I'll be sarting on Jolyn's jacket really soon. I hope this time, with the experience from the 1st jacket, I'll be able to prevent un-doing due to silly mistakes.

Though not necessary, I'll be printing the pattern pieces again. This time i will cut away the marker lines, and hope will be able to reduce the size of the jacket. Hopefully that weeny difference can save Jolyn from being buried in the jacket. ;XX

Shall I make one for Charlene and Caylene? I wonder if Charlene will fit size 4... ;X

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